About Us

We have been in the horse world for over 50 years and I can truly say it is my greatest love (right after my wife and daughter of course). A little over three decades ago, I set out to study natural medicine and herbalism to create natural products for horses. It has since become my family’s full time passion, and we constantly strive to make products that are pure and healthy for all pets and all people. We came to the USA 13 years ago and opened up a farm in Florida to manufacture and share our creations here as well. We have always preferred chemical free products when it came to ourselves but had such a hard time finding anything of the like for our animals that actually worked.

This is when we decided to start manufacturing those incredible products here in the U.S. All our products are hand made in Lakeland, FL, in small batches using all of nature’s healing agents. Our products are safe, pure, and natural. The recipes have been polished for over 35 years and we have extended our products to all pets, farm animals, as well as humans.

We work hard every day to ensure that we can make products to alleviate every animal and human’s discomfort. We now have flea products, bruise ointments, hoof care ointments, shampoos, bug sprays, deodorants, and plenty more to ensure you and your pet can live comfortably. And of course, we only use the purest products available and never use ANY chemicals. We now cater to ALL pets big & small, their humans as well as your entire home. Finally, we support Organic Agriculture as much as we can!

You can find us in several health stores, feed stores, boutiques, and fairs and trade shows all around the country. Our entire family works hard to constantly study the best herbal remedies, as well as aromatherapy, to do what we love and keep creating.

Thank you for supporting our small business and trusting Floris Naturals.

Floris Naturals
5209 Plantation Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33811
Phone: (863) 513 7542